Birthday Party Reservations

Celebrate your child's birthday with us!

The PVFC is pleased to offer our facilities for children’s Birthday Party rentals, for 18 children or fewer, on Saturdays and Sundays at 10am, in a two hour block. Parties are formatted as follows: parents can arrive a half hour before scheduled start time to setup, guests arrive between start time and 15 minutes after, facilities tour begins 15 minutes after start time and lasts approximately 30 minutes, return to the training room for snacks and cake, cleanup last 30 minutes of two hour block.

The rental includes: (recommended donation $175) for indoor accommodations (training room) or the outdoor patio space, tables & chairs, and indoor restroom facilities. A company member will take the party attendees around the firehouse to show the ins and outs of operations. Children will be able to climb on a stationary fire truck and ask fire-persons their questions. Each child in the party will receive a plastic fire hat, coloring book, and crayons.  The birthday boy/girl will receive a special PVFC Supporter T-Shirt.

Please email Christa Kermode for more information and/or to schedule your child’s birthday party.