Change Your Clocks — Change your Smoke Detector Batteries

pnbsppdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptYou remembered to change your clocks back to standard time thats always on your calendar.nbspBut did you remember to change the batteries in your homes smoke detectors and to test themnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptWeak batteries or defective smoke detectors are a leading cause of death and injury in a house fire.nbspEven though your smoke detector may be energized by the homes electric current batteries play a critical role in assuring the detector works in the event of a power outage which often happens in critical emergency situations.nbspBe safe Replace your smoke detector batteries and check the units to be sure they are functioning properly.nbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptnbspdivdiv stylemargin 0in 0in 0ptQuestionsnbspGive us a call at the station.nbspWe are here to serve.divpbrp