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volunteers neededSince 1923, the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company (PVFC) has been answering your calls for both fire and emergency medical service emergencies and now, after more than 100 years of service, we are asking you to answer our call for help and join us as a volunteer member!

We are offering individuals such as yourself the opportunity to join and experience one of today's most diverse and challenging professions by becoming a member of our volunteer team, to continue our tradition of volunteer emergency service to the Purcellville community and surrounding areas. Our community is continuing to grow, and so is the need for operational volunteer members to become professionally trained firefighter/EMTs and respond to emergency calls. PVFC also needs associate/administrative volunteer members to assist with all of our behind-the-scenes activities such as community outreach, recruitment and retention, social media, public education, fundraising, publicity, and clerical duties just to name a few.

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This page provides you everything you need to know about volunteering with PVFC and the links to the applications for membership. You can always contact us at with questions.

Volunteer with PVFC?

Volunteering in fire and emergency services organizations offers committed individuals the opportunity to experience one of today's most diverse and challenging professions while contributing to the community.  It's exciting, exhilarating, and rewarding!

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Benefits of Volunteering with PVFC

As a PVFC member you are freely volunteering your time and talents, but there are many benefits beyond the pride and satisfaction you’ll feel by serving.

PVFC is a part of the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System (LC-CFRS), and volunteers are eligible for benefits based on a point system.

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What is the Process to Be a PVFC Volunteer?

There are several ways that you can serve your community as a volunteer at PVFC. From operational members to behind-the-scenes administrative staff, you’ll be able to volunteer in the area and discipline you are most comfortable with.

You provide the time and dedication and we provide the free training to prepare you to serve in whatever capacity you want to serve!

Find out more on our Process for Becoming a PVFC Volunteer page.

Still Have Questions?

There are often lots of questions that potential members have about volunteering. Read some of the frequently asked questions and answers on our Volunteer FAQs page.

You can also email us at with your questions and any suggestions you have to add to our FAQs page.

We look forward to seeing you as a volunteer soon!