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Thank you for your interest in the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company! Please review the information on the rest of this page for additional information about becoming a member. We can't wait to meet you!

Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company Membership Committee
500 North Maple Avenue, Box 386, Purcellville, VA 20132, Station: 571-258-3902
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Pride, Excitement, Challenge

Volunteering in fire and emergency services organizations offers committed individuals the opportunity to experience one of today's most diverse and challenging professions while contributing to the community. The emergency services provided by Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company include providing prompt fire suppression, vehicle extrication (jaws of life), water rescues, other types of specialty rescues, and responding to other types of 911 dispatched calls. It's exciting, exhilarating, and rewarding!

The personal rewards and satisfaction each volunteer receives from such service are as many and varied are there are individuals involved and they often defy adequate description. The sense of accomplishment after controlling a building fire, the good feeling that comes from providing compassionate care for accident victims, or the sense of fulfillment for teaching fire safety and prevention are but a few examples of the tangible personal benefits of volunteer service.

However, the benefits of volunteering don't all come from emergency action. Fire safety education is a key element of our work. Volunteers educate the public on many issues, including fire prevention and safety, health education, injury prevention, and CPR.

As a long-standing organization, we are also an important part of our local community. As such we help organize and support many community events. We host an Open House each year and participate in many others throughout the community in an effort to reach out to citizens of Loudoun County. Volunteers organize and manage these events which are fun for all.

Benefits of Volunteering with PVFC

Loudoun volunteers are eligible for a number of benefits based on a point system where volunteers earn points through a variety of activities with a minimum of 80 points required per year to be eligible for benefits. Benefits include:

  • Vehicle Property Tax: Volunteers residing in Loudoun County may qualify to have their personal property tax significantly reduced or eliminated on one privately owned vehicle Free County/Town Vehicle Decal: Volunteers residing in Loudoun County may qualify for a free County and/or Town decal on one privately owned automobile.
  • Vehicle Registration Fee Waiver: Volunteers who qualify with 80 points or have 10 years of qualification may request a waiver of the annual vehicle registration sticker (which is no longer actually sent to the vehicle owner, but the fee is still required).
  • Free Training: Access to a wide range of free fire, emergency medical services, rescue, and incident management training.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Volunteers may qualify for up to $2,000 per year ($8,000 maximum in lifetime) as a tuition reimbursement at an accredited school or university even for non-fire/EMS-related classes
  • Retirement Program: Volunteers may receive up to $300 per month upon reaching 55 year of age (or later). The amount received depends on the number of years of service.
  • Health Insurance Participation: Within a certain period after joining the system or during open enrollment periods, volunteers may elect to obtain health insurance coverage which cannot be denied. The volunteer will be responsible for both the employer and employee portions of the plan.
  • Business Discounts: Several area merchants provide discounts to members of the fire and rescue system in Loudoun County
  • Loudoun County Credit Union: Volunteers are eligible to join the Loudoun County Credit Union.
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Assistance Program: Free access to confidential counseling and coaching for personal issues not just related to volunteer service stress and strains but all personal and family issues.

But let's not forget about the experience of being a fire and rescue volunteer because the Intangible rewards are even greater!

  • The satisfaction of helping others and making a difference is a tremendous benefit to every fire and rescue volunteer.
  • Building new bonds with team members and with members of the community provides relationships and support mechanisms that help everyone succeed!

Volunteer Requirements

Because we are part of larger County and State fire and rescue system, there are requirements that must be met at each level. In addition to Company requirements that specify an advance commitment to participation, training, and duty requirements, the following are general requirements for volunteer service in our County:

  • Be 16 Years of Age At the Point of Application.
  • Secure Parental Permission for Membership if Under 18 Years of Age.
  • Complete a NFPA 1582 Physical Exam.
  • Pass a Criminal History Check.
  • Pass a Fingerprint Check Done by the Virginia Office of EMS.
  • Provide a Driving History for Review.
  • Read, Write. and Speak the English Language.

Additional requirements for maintaining active membership in the Company will be provided in your membership application interview

New Member Application Information

Step 1: Membership Application

Please click here for an application in Word and click here for an application in PDF.

Follow the instructions below to successfully complete a New Member Application. The application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and brought to the Company membership for action. If you are offered probationary membership, the requirements for Company orientation and basic training will apply to you and are detailed separately. (See Step 2 below.)

These requirements will be reviewed with you in detail during your application interview. Once you are assigned to crew your officer can assist with questions as can members of the Training Committee and Membership Committee.

  1. Secure a copy of the New Member Application from the station or download one above.
  2. Fill out the application completely and return it to the station and ask that it be put in the Membership Committee mailbox. You can also submit a copy of the application by email to Make sure your application is signed (and parents have signed too for those under 18)! A committee member will contact you directly to arrange for an interview.
  3. New member applications are acted upon at general membership meetings only after you have completed your interview, a criminal background check, a fingerprint background check, and the DMV check. Therefore, you must plan to complete the process in enough time to be scheduled for action at the meeting, usually a week prior to the membership meeting.
  4. An interview with a member of the Membership Committee is a requirement of the process.
  5. You should be present at the general membership meeting the evening action will be taken on your application. You will be asked to introduce yourself and to briefly express the reasons you seek membership in the Company. (Job or school obligations are acceptable reasons for missing the meeting.)
  6. A membership vote on your application will be taken, and if you are offered probationary member status, you will be asked to remain after the meeting to begin the next step in the process.

Step 2: Probationary (New) Member Orientation

This part of the process is designed to orient you to Company and County administrative policies and procedures, and Company and County training required to get you the basic skills and knowledge you need to be cleared to rideYou will not be assigned to a duty crew or allowed to ride the Company's apparatus until you complete these steps.

  1. Administrative Documents: You will complete a series of administrative documents required by the Company and the County immediately after the general membership meeting. A committee member will assist with this step and provide additional detail regarding the next steps.
  2. Duty Crew Assignment: You will be assigned to a duty crew for the purpose of immersing yourself in Company activity and to enable you to become acquainted with Company operating procedures and practices only after you complete the Red Hat training described below. You are not cleared to ride on your crew until you complete all the following requirements.
  3. Uniforms and Gear: You will be issued a Company tee shirt, polo shirt, and pants for use on duty crew, and a helmet and fire gloves for basic training. You must wear your duty crew uniform to all training activities. Full firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) will be issued to you only upon completion of your cleared to ride requirements.
  4. County Volunteer Orientation: You must sign up for and attend a County Volunteer orientation. They are offered monthly are an all-day event. Membership will provide you a schedule for each month’s event. Training will provide CPR certification and information on blood-bourne pathogens (BBP) that will help keep you safe. You will also  establish your Active Directory Account (County email) among other things. You can check the County’s training website for details.
  5. Physical: You must schedule and pass a NFPA 1582 physical. (You do not have to pay for this physical.) Once your background checks are complete and you establish a relationship with a volunteer company, even before being voted in, you may request a link to set up your appointment. LCFR will send you the link for setting up your appointment. You will not be cleared to ride or do advanced training until the Company receives your clearance from the County. (Physicals are optional for Associate members.)
  6. Training Requirements: You must complete the following training steps to be cleared to ride.
    • In addition to completing CPR and BBP training offered through New Volunteer Orientation, you will be expected to successfully set up your County Active Directory account and take the required information security training.
    • You will be provided a copy of the Company’s Red Hat (Probationary) Training Packet. This will be the guide for your attending the required Company in-house training offered weekly on Wednesday evenings which is designed to provide you the basic knowledge of policies, procedures and operations, including equipment, to be eligible for cleared to ride.
    • You must complete the Department of Homeland Security National Incident Management System training (ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800) computer-based training. The Training Committee will assist you with this requirement.
    • You will receive a packet of information from the Staffing Officer who will outline other administrative activities like the establishment of your company email account (different from your County email), door code or swipe card access to the station, and other important information.
    • If you are under the age of 18, you will provided a document that you should review with your parents regarding company policies for overnight bunking. You parents must sign the document acknowledging having read it and if they allow you to stay in the station after 10:00 PM must sign and date that accordingly.

Step 3: After Cleared to Ride

Once you have been signed off by the Training Committee and your officer as cleared to ride you will be issued full PPE and can begin the next steps in your training.

You will be provided a copy of the Probationary Fire Fighter Manual which will serve to supplement your advanced training and align with the County/State Fire Fighter Certification program.

Membership will provide you with a list of additional required County and State training that will lead to this certification. There are specific course prerequisites, schedules, and timing that need to be met to advance through the program. Membership will provide you an overview of these requirements in your interview. It is your responsibility to sign up for and successfully complete required training. Failure to do so will jeopardize your probationary membership.