Final Inspection of New PVFC Rescue Engine

Members of the PVFC apparatus committee visited Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin, this past weekend to do the final inspection of the new Rescue Engine.

Every line item of the custom build order, which included more than 650 items, was gone through in detail during the final inspection. Once the final adjustments are completed, our new Rescue Engine will be delivered to Atlantic Emergency Solutions for a final detail and then shipped to PVFC, where we will take possession and begin to outfit it with all of the tools, hose and equipment necessary to run emergency calls!

A special thank you to our apparatus committee made up of Chief Scott Maple, Assistant Chief Chris Kermode, Captain Scott Radcliffe, Technician Bob Dryden, and Technician Bud Smith, as well as Jim Darr from Pierce Mfg. for putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into this project. We look forward to seeing our new Rescue Engine in service soon!