Help Fire / Rescue and Police Locate You

pstyle typetextcssfont-face font-family Calibrip.MsoNormal li.MsoNormal div.MsoNormal margin 0in 0in 0.0001pt font-size 12pt font-family Times New Roman alink span.MsoHyperlink color blue text-decoration underline avisited span.MsoHyperlinkFollowed color purple text-decoration underline p.yiv2060987633msonormal li.yiv2060987633msonormal div.yiv2060987633msonormal margin-right 0in margin-left 0in font-size 12pt font-family Times New Roman span.yshortcuts div.Section1 page Section1 stylepp classyiv2060987633msonormalspan stylefont-size 14ptThe Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company recently launched an effort to make it easier for police fire and EMS responders to quickly locate your residence whether it be in town or in the country.nbsp Responding to calls for assistance – often at night and in bad weather – to poorly marked houses tends to add a complicating dynamic to our effort to provide our neighbors the professional service they require and have come to expect.spanpp classyiv2060987633msonormalspan stylefont-size 14ptThe problem arises from the wide variety of address applications that property owners use.nbsp Most are too small or non-reflective making them difficult to read in the dark or in foul weather.nbsp Also many addresses are not posted in a common spot by the street or cannot be read from both directions an essential element with responders often coming from different directions.nbsp spanpp classyiv2060987633msonormalspan stylefont-size 14ptThese 6quot x 18quot signs are made of the same high quality aluminum as VDOT road signs for strength and durability. They are covered with span classyshortcuts3M Scotchlitespan green reflective material and come with 3quot white reflective numbers on both sides so they stand out more readily day and night.nbsp Use of these signs also creates a standard within the community that makes it faster and easier to locate a residence in an emergency.spanpp classyiv2060987633msonormalspan stylefont-size 14ptIn the case of driveways that serve multiple individually addressed residences one or more of the signs can be installed to identify the individual driveways off the primary driveway.spanpp classyiv2060987633msonormalspan stylefont-size 14ptThe Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company is making these signs available for just 25.00 each with free installation.nbsp Please contact the Fire Station at span classyshortcuts540-338-5961span or email FF Jim Gutierrez at spanspanspan classMsoHyperlinkspan stylefont-size 14pta hrefjavascriptlocation.hrefmailtoString.fromCharCode106103117116105101114114101122641121171149910110810811810510810810110210511410146111114103jgutierrezpurcellvillefire.orgaspanspanspanspan stylefont-size 14pt to get a sign today.nbsp Leave your name and telephone number and we will contact you to make an appointment.spanppnbspp