PVFC Members Graduate Fire, EMT Class

PVFC Chief Scott Maple and President Brad Quin attended the 2021 Graduation Ceremony for Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs September 23, 2021.  Purcellville was extremely well represented among  this newly certified firefighters and EMT responders.In the Fighterfighter Class 21-1 the Company had 30% of the total class enrollment along with just two other companies.  Firefighters recognized that evening were Santiago Djcz, Victoria Frank, J.P. Gaston, Genna Marsh, Michael Mauer, and Ben Plonk.  They completed over 350 hours of training and are now serving as line firefighters on their respective crews.

In the Spring 2 and Summer 1 EMT classes, Purcellville was again well represented.  New EMTs completed 165 hours of classroom and practical exercises and passed a National Registry exam and County written and practical exams.  They are Jeffery Berry, Trent Cavicchi, Noah Cox, Kevin Fischer and Kaitlin Tunder.