PVFC Hosts – Ruck to Remember 60-to-60

The PVFC was honored to host the Ruck to Remember 60-to-60  – The Ruck to Remember’s mission is to Honor, Empower & Inspire our Veteran community, all while Never Forgetting the sacrifices made. Starting in 2011 a small group of Veterans and Patriots embarked on a mission of honor and remembrance – what they didn’t expect was the National Reaction to their mission. Pushed to raise even greater awareness founder, Keith Jolly was hit with the news of a fellow Veteran tragic death – when visiting his grave in Arlington National Cemetery – and walking by section 60 – he knew what had to be done – the following May – Memorial Day Weekend 2012 Ruck to Remember was underway with 27 Civilian Patriots and Veterans taking on the very first Ruck to Remember. To this day the 60-mile hike to honor our fallen and empower those still coming home wearing the wounds of war remains the same and humbly mirrors the military culture training and camaraderie both in terrain tempo and rhythm. The Ruck to Remember continues its mission through a series of events all focused on Honoring, Empowering and Remembering our Warfighter.

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