PVFC Participates in Special Birthday Parade

On Sunday, February 5, Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company and Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System (LC-CFRS) units participated in a special event for a local resident. William recently lost his dad, and the funeral service was on February 4. William’s birthday was at this same time and he asked for a drive by parade. With the assistance of family, friends and community members, a parade of hundreds of vehicles drove by to wish William a Happy Birthday. Some vehicles blew horns, while others stopped to give hugs or give William cards and presents. LC-CFRS units from Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department, Hamilton Volunteer Rescue Squad, Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company, Purcellville Volunteer Rescue Squad and Loudoun County Fire and Rescue participated in the parade. Engine 605 and a unit from the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office led the parade.